“Wine is bottled poetry.”

Robert Louis Stevenson


Welcome to Life By the Glass!

oct 29 180x180My name is Kathryn, but people call me Kat. I am fascinated by wine. Everything about it intrigues me. I am not a wine expert by any stretch, although I am sipping my way through the WSET courses trying to improve my knowledge.  I passed the Advanced WSET with Merit ( so happy!) and am a Canadian Wine Scholar. Who knew learning could be so much fun!  More importantly, I am someone who has a passion for wine, wants to learn more about it and wants to share my experiences.

This blog is my journal / journey through the world of wine.  Along the way I’m going to blog about wines I discover and  share some of the things I have learned about wine. Who knows, I may even chat about some amazing beer and spirits as well. Through it all I plan on having fun, laughing a lot, and meeting some very interesting people.

One thing I do know is this blog will never be a collection of pretentious wine reviews.  I try not to take myself too seriously and I believe wine is something everyone can enjoy and understand with the right guidance.

The opinions I have will be my own. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me – where’s the fun in that! However, it’s my blog so I will not allow any disrespecting or rude comments. Any comments or wine suggestions you want to share are welcome as long as they come from a positive place.  Oh, and spam will be filtered so don’t even waste your time.

If you want me to review your wine, please message me and I will send you my shipping address. I can’t guarantee I will like it or that I will post a review, however, I will make every attempt to review it in a timely manner.



sip, slurp and savour!