Icewine Quiz

Welcome to your Icewine quiz!

You can take as long as you like, and complete the quiz as many times as you like. All of the answers can be found on the website so if you need some help you can read through the posts.

Good luck and have fun!

What is Icewine called in Germany?
Grapes for Icewine are?
What is the minimum temperature for Icewine harvest?
What year was the first documented Icewine?
What is the suggested serving size for Icewine?
Which of the following must be verified with VQA inspectors?
Which country is the leading producer of Icewine?
What is the minimum Brix level requirement for the juice after pressing?
What year did Inniskillin winery win the Grand Prix d’Honneur with their Vidal Icewine?
Which country is the largest importer of Canadian Icewine?